Renewable Energy

Coming Soon…

Oil & Gas Infrastructure

USD > 800M

Strategic crude oil storage park currently under development. Anchor tenant identified, other potential tenants under discussion.

Facility has the ability to develop additional capacity when needed.Interest for offtake expected from other sovereigns and international oil producers/ operators based outside the region

Returns generated through:

  • Long term contracted offtake at moderate rates
  • (e.g. offtake from refinery and clients, strategic storage for governments)
  • Short term offtake at a premium (e.g. traders)

Energy from Waste

Coming Soon…

Water Utilities Solutions

USD 400M


  • (Sea water, Process water, Potable water, CETRP)
  • Opportunity to improve business through operational efficiencies


USD 2 Bn


  • Public process expected for sale of state owned transmission company to investors with technical knowledge and ability to implement efficiency improvements.
  • Rakiza will team up with a competent technical partner and create value through efficiency improvements.


USD 1 Bn

  • Rakiza will take a similar approach to the transmission deal.
  • Control distribution companies and find synergies amongst them which will extract greater value.


USD 400 M

Opportunity to acquire existing telecom towers and expanding by building new towers

Taking advantage of the high demand on the telecom infrastructure in Oman and ability to grow profitability by further enhancing operations

Transportation & Logistics

USD >1 Bn

RAB + non-regulated retail and commercial rental income International airport investment with technical partner experienced in efficiency improvements and traffic growth.

Opportunity to increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue on both regulated (terminal traffic) and non-regulated services (retail and commercial space)